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Operations of 3rd Batt 3 brig 1916 - 1923.pdf
A manuscript account of the operations of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Tipperary Brigade during the period 1916 - 1923 made by Phil Fitzgerald, member of Rossmore D company and adjt. 3rd battalion, 3rd brigade. The notes were made at some stage after the…

3rd Battalion Ops map for website.jpg
Ordnance survey map used by Tipperary 3rd brigade IRA during the War of Independence. Map shows annotations which may represent ambush sites, arms caches and routes used by the brigade. The map includes the towns of Thurles, Cashel, Clonmel and…

Sharkey service record00001.jpg
Page from John Sharkey service record form. filled in by hand. Printed form Letter size paper. No date

Sharkey form QF1.pdf
Form QF1. Return of arms, ammunition and military stores. Manuscript form, no date, not filled in.

5th Batallion 3rd brigade events.pdf
List of 5th Batallion 3rd brigade events January 1918 to June 15th 1923. Typed document

Man at entrance to dugout.jpg
Man at entrance to dugout. Possibly Bowes green. 3rd Brigade HQ.

D Sadlier in uniform.jpg
D Sadlier in uniform. 1921. Black and white image

3rd brigade members of flying column.jpg
3rd brigade members of flying column. Armed and carrying packs. Black and white image

Clonmel tennis grounds from a hill.jpg
Clonmel tennis grounds from a hill. 1921. Black and white image

Group including Dan Breen at Davins 1921.jpg
Group including Dan Breen and Fr. O'Leary at Davins 1921. Black and white image
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