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Thurles Tourism Brochure, c.1960s.pdf
A folded brochure guide to Thurles Town with county map, issued with the compliments of Thurles Junior Chamber of Commerce

Thurles Official Guide.pdf
An official 24 page guide to Thurles Town with district map, issued with the approval of the Thurles Urban District Council

Cahernahalla map 1718.jpg
Coloured hand drawn map on parchment of the estate of Richard Nutley, Cahernahalla in the barony of Kilnamanagh, Co. Tipperary. The map gives the land divisions and lists the grazing and meadow land acreage separately from mountain and bog. …

Castle Otway map 1774 (1).jpg
A manuscript map of Castle-Otway in the county of Tipperary with it's subdivisions, the estate of Thomas Otway esq; surveyed in May 1774 by John Grace. Scale 20p to an inch.

Pennefather estate map 1852.pdf
A vellum folded and coloured map of Garrancole in the Barony of Slieveardagh. Purchased by Richard Pennefather Going from the Incumbered Estates commissioners and including a schedule of tenants and denominations. 1852

Map on O'Connell Street, 1970s.jpg
Colour image of a map painted on a building wall on O'Connell Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. 1970s

Map of Rehill house abp John Brennan 1975.jpg
Colour image of an estate sale map of Rehill house in the posession of John Brennan 1975

1853 map of Rossrehill.jpg
Colour image of a section of a estate sale map. Lot 14 Rossrehill. Co. Tipperary. No date

Transfer of Property near Cashel, June 1898.pdf
Map and schedule for the sale of property under the Land Judges near Cashel, Co. Tipperary, in the matter of the estate of Eliza M. Kennedy and another

3rd Battalion Ops map for website.jpg
Ordnance survey map used by Tipperary 3rd brigade IRA during the War of Independence. Map shows annotations which may represent ambush sites, arms caches and routes used by the brigade. The map includes the towns of Thurles, Cashel, Clonmel and…
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