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Pat in Sydney 1922.pdf
A manuscript letter from a friend Pat in Sydney to John Quinn, Ballypatrick telling his news and commenting on the Irish situation. 1922

Michael Dillon 28 May 1922.pdf
A manuscript letter from Michael Dillon, Sarsfield Street to John Quinn, Ballypatrick asking for help in Willie's case. 28 May 1922

Lena Duffy to John Quinn 23.11.1920.pdf
A manuscript letter from a cousin, Lena Duffy, Woollahra, Sydney to John Quinn in Ballypatrick in Australia announcing her marriage and discussing the situation at 'home'. 23 Nov 1920

Jemmie_Ohio 30 Mar 1922.pdf
A manuscript letter from Jemmie in Cleveland, Ohio to John Quinn in Ballypatrick acknowledging a gift of shamrock for St. Patricks day and telling of local events including a visit to the area by De Valera. Also describing the effects of theā€¦

Crampton _ Melbourne 8 Feb 1922.pdf
A manuscript letter from Crampton in Melbourne to John Quinn in Ballypatrick giving news of the situation in Melbourne and mentioning the peace negotiations. 8 Feb 1922

Aunt Bridget 7 Aug 1922.pdf
A manuscript letter giving family news and discussing the 'trouble' in Ireland from Aunt Bridget in Adams, Massachuetts to John Quinn in Ballypatrick. Dated 7 August 1922

Black and white image of a man walking past the burnt down Military Barracks in Fethard. The barracks had been occupied by anti-treaty forces during the civil war who burnt it before the Pro-treaty forces arrived. 1922. Fethard Co. Tipperary

Ric departure_005.jpg
Black and white image of the Royal Irish Constabulary evacuating Thurles barracks on Friar Street in two motor vehicles. 24 February 1922

Ric departure_004.jpg
Black and white image of British forces transport, a Lancia armoured car and a Crossley Tender outside the Royal Irish Constabulary barracks, Thurles on the day of the RIC departure. 24 February 1922
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