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Frances Loughnane
Colour image of Francis Loughane Roscrea and Tipperary hurler. No date

Holycross Ballycahill V Roscrea
Colour image of a Holycross Ballycahill and a Roscrea player competing for the ball. 1970s

Holycross Ballycahill v Roscrea hurling match
Colour image of action from a Holycross Ballycahill v Roscrea hurling match. Semple stadium. 1970s

Holycross Ballycahill and  Roscrea players
Colour image of Holycross Ballycahill and Roscrea hurling players on the pitch. L - R John Darmody, Mikey Ryan and TJ Ryan. Semple stadium 1970s

Action shot from hurling game.jpg
Colour image of an action shot from Holycross Ballycahill v Roscrea hurling game. No date

Doorway at Roscrea under repair 1972.jpg
Colour image of an old stone doorway at Roscrea under repair 1972

Cross at Roscrea.jpg
Colour image of the crucifixion face of the High Cross at Roscrea. No date

Carved stone doorway Roscrea 1972.jpg
Colour image of a carved stone doorway in Roscrea 1972

Badly eroded high cross at Roscrea September 1973.jpg
Colour image of the badly eroded 12th century sandstone High cross at Roscrea September 1973

Large purple auction poster for valuable field situated near the Railway Station, Templemore, Co. Tipperary
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