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1930 letter re Cooke holdings.pdf
Letter from the Dept. of Education to Arthur Moynihan, Killarney re Elizabeth Cooke holdings in Tipperary on the Armstrong and Kearney estates. Advising that the holdings on the Armstrong estate was retained by the Land Commission on 21 March 1930…

1837 St Mary's Priory fees.pdf
School expenses account to John Grene Esq. for Miss Grene at St. Mary's Priory including piano and dancing lessons. 1837

Photo of a lady in frame 1883.jpg
Sepia portrait photographs of an unknown woman and man in a double sided metal frame. The man's photograph printed by Robinson & sons, 65 Grafton St. Dublin. The woman's printed by Webster Bros, 4 Porchester Road, Bayswater and dated 1883

Sr Mary Teresa to Hilda 1916.pdf
A letter from Sr Mary Teresa, Dominican College, Eccles Street, Dublin written in the aftermath of the Easter Rising, 1916 enquiring after the experiences of friends during 'these days of terror'. 1916

Sam Cooke to Hannah Grene 1819.pdf
Letter from Sam Cooke, Borrisoleigh to Miss Hannah Grene enclosing an essay on 'Unreasonable fear from thunder' by Rev Rayment and including some family news. 31 August 1819

Rev Newsham to J Grene 1842.pdf
A letter from Rev. Newsham, St Cuthberts College addressed to J. Grene, 4 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin; Acknowledging the receipt of school fees and discussing Mr Grene's son George, his health and education at the college 18 April 1842

Poem addressed to Miss Grene_Cashel 1820.pdf
A poem 'The lament of Nicholas Grene Esq' addressed to his cousin Miss Grene. August 1820

Letter to Mrs Grene 1822.pdf
A personal letter to Mrs. Grene, Westmoreland Street, Dublin from her mother giving details of family news and enquiring after 'poor John'. 28 June 1822

Letter to J Grene 1841.pdf
A letter to John Grene from a family member signing off as 'Tuppence' with news of George's illness. 1841

Letter to George Grene 1806.pdf
Letter to George Grene from his mother written on a visit to Cork. 11th October 1806
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