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Graveyard Memorial Transcriptions


Graveyard Memorial Transcriptions


Resources relating to County Tipperary Graveyards


Ormond Historical Society, Killenaule Moyglass Parish, Con Ryan, Tom Burnell, Pat Bracken, Eamonn Crowley

Collection Items

Abington: Kilcommon Roman Catholic Church Grounds Gravestone Inscriptions
11 page collection of gravestone inscriptions in Kilcommon Church grounds and within Kilcommon Church, the Parish of Abington

Abington Gravestone Inscriptions
23 page collection of gravestone inscriptions in Abington

Aghnameadle Gravestone Inscriptions
28 page collection of gravestone inscriptions. Includes introduction by Denise Foulkes, inscriptions of Augustinian graveyard, Aghnameadle graveyard, Church of Ireland church grounds, Gortaggary Roman Catholic church grounds, inside Gortaggary church

Aglishcloghane Gravestone Inscriptions
26 page collection of Aglishcloghane graveyard gravestone inscriptions. Includes Aglishcloghane graveyard description by Denise Faulkes.

Ardcroney Gravestone Inscriptions
24 page collection of Ardcroney Parish gravestone inscriptions. Includes Ardcroney graveyard description by Denise Faulke and Daniel Grace, inscriptions in Ardcroney graveyard, memorials within the R. C. church, font in grounds of church, Congor…

Ballinaclough Gravestone Inscriptions
18 page collection of Ballinaclough gravestone inscriptions. Includes description of Ballinaclough graveyard by Denise Faulkes, inscriptions in Ballinaclough graveyard, the memorial tablets inside the Church of Ireland church and in Ballinaclough…

Ballingarry Gravestone Inscriptions
24 page collection of Parish of Ballingarry gravestone inscriptions. Includes description of Ballingarry graveyard by Denise Foulkes, inscriptions in Ballingarry (Church of Ireland) graveyard and memorials inside the church,

Ballinure Gravestone Inscriptions
27 page document includes index of stone cutters, index of personal names, Ballinure place names index, Ballinure graveyard inscriptions.

Ballycahill Gravestone Inscriptions
34 page document of Ballycahill gravestone inscriptions. Includes inscriptions on the headstones in priest's house, inside church, in the Armstrong plot, in cemetery grounds, and index of names

Ballygibbon Gravestone Inscriptions
8 page collection of Ballygibbon gravestone inscriptions. Includes Ballygibbon graveyard description by Denise Foulkes and Daniel Grace and graveyard inscriptions.
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