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Ayle National School Records


Ayle National School Records


National school records from Ayle NS. County Tipperary


A collection of records from Ayle NS. The National School at Ayle was established on the 19th of August 1876 and was built by a local committee. It was a slated building divided into two rooms with chimneys at each gable. There were two doors into the school which was divided into girls in one room, boys in the other. In 1909 two new classrooms were added and the boys and girls schools were amalgamated in 1935/36. In 1951 a new two room schoolhouse, the current Ayle school, was built beside the old school grounds and the original school was vacated. Due to overcrowding in the 1960s a prefab was erected and running water, electricity and indoor toilets were added by the 1970s.
The records include the boys roll from 1917 – 1925 and a daily reports book for 1908-09 and were kindly loaned for digitisation by the school. Early registration books list the parents profession as well as listing any previous school attended by the child. This can be useful in tracing family history and movement of families in the late 19th century
The roll books list the attendance of named pupils. They contain the date of birth of the pupil, the date when entering the relevant class, the number of the pupil within the school and within the relevant class


Ayle National School


Irish National School records


Digitised by Tipperary Studies


1876- 1925


National school records held at Tipperary Studies


PDF files




A printed bound book with completed manuscript entries


Ayle, Monard, Co. Tipperary

Collection Items

Ayle National School daily reports 1908-09
Daily report books provide details of attendance at the school by class on a daily basis. The book was kindly loaned for digitisation by Ayle N.S.

Ayle National School boys roll book 1917 -1925
A printed bound roll book with completed manuscript entries for Ayle boys. Roll books are used to keep a record of school attendence. The book includes the appointment contract for Mr. Timothy Donovan as a teacher in the school from May 1919. From…
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